Get New Air Conditioning Installed in Oak Brook

Choosing an AC installation company for your new home is an important decision. At Prestige, we’re always available and eager to help Oak Brook homeowners who need an AC installation. We take the time to inspect homes and access customer needs before installing a system. We size the system based on the size of the home, level of insulation, and windows. Our estimates are always up front and don’t include hidden costs. We take energy efficiency into account and always keep the goal of customer savings in mind.

We recently received a call from an Oak Brook homeowner who wanted us to give him an estimate for an AC installation in his new home. He was pleased with our estimate and the high SEER unit we offered him. Our professional team installed the unit and his home was cooling in no time. He complimented us on our neatness and respect for his home. He was happy knowing that the high SEER unit would save him money in energy costs.

The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) is a critical factor in energy costs. The SEER is a measure of total cooling output during a season divided by its total electric energy input. The higher the SEER number, the lower the energy costs. SEER ratings are typically between 13 and 27. The higher the SEER ratio, the higher the cost of the unit.

If You Need AC Installation in Oak Brook, Call Prestige Today

We have the knowledge to educate our customers when choosing a high SEER unit. We offer competitive pricing and always let our customers know exactly how much they’ll be saving with each model. Our AC installation customers are always impressed with how well our technicians are able to answer questions and address concerns in regards to SEER ratings. We will gladly do the same for you. If you’re in need of our AC installation services, please call today.