Does Your Home in South Elgin need AC Repairs?

Having an AC unit that works well is important if you live in South Elgin. Recently we had a call from a customer in South Elgin who turned on the AC one day for the first time in a while and it wasn’t blowing out any cold air. They called us for an AC repair and asked if we could come out that afternoon. We were able to and were at their home just a few hours later to take a look at the AC unit and provide the necessary air conditioning repairs. It turned out that the air filter had become clogged over the months, so we cleaned it out and also topped off the AC unit with more Freon which was a bit low.

The family was happy to have the AC repair done because now they knew the problem would not happen again. This is a service that we provide on a routine basis so we can quickly get your AC unit in South Elgin ready for the summer. If you want to make sure that you don’t have to suffer through another hot day with no AC then give us a call and we’ll send somebody out to your home to take care of your air conditioning repair for you. Going through a hot day without air conditioning isn’t something that anybody enjoys, so by working with us you won’t ever have that problem again.

Call Prestige for AC Repair Service in South Elgin

If you are not quite sure whether or not you need an AC repair it might be a good idea to test your AC unit before a hot day comes around. You can quickly check if the unit is working properly by seeing if it blows out cold air as it should be. Often after sitting for months older units will need to have a tune up tweak to help prevent having AC repair work done on it. If you find that you do need this service simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out. We enjoy working with customers from the South Elgin area and will be sure to help you with all your AC needs.