Batavia Air Conditioning Experts Provide AC Repairs and Replacements

Be sure to service your air conditioning unit regularly. If your AC continues to give you trouble even after servicing, allow our professionals at Prestige to take a look at the issue. Sometimes, outer components of the device may suffer from wear and tear, or the internal coolers and fans may be malfunctioning. In either case, you will benefit from our air conditioning repair services. Often the problems are easy to fix. However, identifying the exact cause of the issue requires the handiwork of experienced people.

Common Issues With Air Conditioning Systems

There is a common list of problems most homeowners face with their air conditioners. Faulty wiring could lead you to believe that your system has ceased to function. Low refrigerant in the unit could cause it to overheat, reducing its durability and lifespan. The outer fan and overall outer unit could be malfunctioning, causing you major inconvenience. If you face any such problems in your house in Batavia, just drop us a line, and we will promptly assist you with your concerns.

When is it Time to Have Your Air Conditioning System Replaced?

Air conditioning replacements can work out to be quite an expensive task. When you have your AC installed, you should always ask about the lifespan of the unit. Generally, air conditioning units last about eight to 12 years. Based on this knowledge, you should probably replace your unit when it is around this old. These are only average figures. If you have serviced your unit regularly, you could make it last more than 12 years too. Ask our professionals whether you really require a full replacement, or if you could manage with a simple repair. Sometimes the unit may just need a simple tune-up; and it will work just as efficiently as before.

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