The Best Bathroom Plumbing in Hinsdale

Plumbing problems can sometimes create the oddest situations. That’s exactly what happened to some our Hinsdale customers. Their toilet began to flush by itself and they were at a loss as to the cause. They called Prestige to take a look at the issue. Our plumbers found that the flapper valve was seating properly. It had become hard over the years so we replaced it. Soon after the toilet was working normally again. They were impressed with our plumber’s speed and professionalism.

Checking the flapper in your bathroom plumbing

Flappers are a main source of bathroom plumbing problems, mainly because of the material they’re made of and what people drop into toilet tanks. The blue toilet solutions and the bleach additives ultimately harden the soft material of the flappers, preventing them from seating properly, which in turn causes the seal to leak and ultimately making the toilet flush on its own.

Professional plumbers make a big difference

If all that’s needed is to replace the flapper, then why call a plumber? It’s still a good idea to call a plumber because of other problems that can occur. For instance, even with a new flapper, there can be problems with seating it. If the angle of the flapper is slightly off or the chain has been inadvertently shortened, the flapper won’t seat properly either.

Having a professional plumber fixing the problem not only helps you get the problem solved faster than you could to it yourself, the plumber can also take an overall look at the status of the system to see if there are other issues. A professional can often see things that are apparent to the amateur.

Bathroom Plumbing Repair in Hinsdale, Call Prestige Plumbing Today

If you have a home in Hinsdale and your bathroom plumbing starts to give you issues, give us a call. We’ll be glad to solve your plumbing problems for you.