Best Heating Repair in Aurora

When your heat goes out, you want someone you can rely on and someone who can do the repair and be there quickly. That’s why so many homeowners in Aurora use Prestige. We helped a homeowner in Aurora whose heat had stopped completely. We responded immediately and found that the blower motor was no longer working and had to be replaced. Our technician carefully removed the dead motor, cleaned the area, and then installed the new motor in the furnace. The heater was soon operating producing hot air and ran even more quietly than it had previously. The homeowners really appreciated the thoroughness and skill of our furnace technician.

Why a heater blower motor stops working

There are several things that cause a blower motor to stop. A broken belt can make it stop working. Check the motor to see if it’s hot. If the motor is hot, then the motor will have to replaced instead of repaired. If the motor itself is broken, a professional heating technician can usually fix it for you.

Cleaning as preventive heating repair

Dirt can be the real culprit in damaging a blower motor. Dust collects on the blower blades and the grime ultimately make its way into the blower itself. That’s why having a tune-up once a year does so much for the health of your furnace.

Proactive and regular yearly cleaning and tuning up the furnace adds years to the life of the appliance and saves money on energy bills because the furnace runs more efficiently afterwards. You also save on future repair bills because the maintenance program keeps the furnace in such great shape.

If You Need Any Heating Repairs in Aurora, Call Prestige Today

Setting up a yearly maintenance appointment for your furnace is as easy as picking up the phone and calling Prestige. We can help you reduce your heating repair bills as well as your energy costs.