Fast Heating Repair in Sugar Grove

When your heater stops heating, it’s time to call in the pros. That’s what one of our Sugar Grove customers did when his heat pump stopped working. The air it was blowing wasn’t heated. He gave Prestige a call and we quickly found the problem. Over the summer, some of the Freon in the heat pump had leaked. Our Sugar Grove technician found the leak, fixed it and then refilled the Freon. Their heat pump is running at top efficiency again and they appreciated our professional work in their heating repair.

Heating repair on a heat pump

When most folks hear that replacing Freon helps repair a heating problem, they get a confused look on their face because most people associate Freon with refrigeration. However, Freon is part of your heat pump system because it is cooler than the air outside. That’s how it draws heat.

If that’s still unclear, here’s a bit more about how a heat pump works. A heat pump basically transports warm air from one place to another. Even when the air is cold outside, it still has heat. The heat pump takes the heat from that air and puts it in your home. The reverse is true when it’s warm outside. The heat pump then removes the warm air from your home, acting like an air conditioner.

Moving heat instead of making it

One reason why a heat pump is so energy-efficient is that it moves heat instead of generating it. Because it uses electricity to work, fuel consumption is nil. Heat pumps are great for temperate climates so if you can use one as your heating source, give it a try.

The other good thing about a heat pump is that if you have one, you don’t have to worry about an air conditioner, which can save you money from purchasing another appliance.

If You Need Heating Repair in Sugar Grove, Call Prestige Today

If you live in Sugar Grove and are interested in installing a heat pump, give us a call. You’ll be happy you did!