How To Choose A Water Heater In St. Charles

When your water heater breaks down in your St. Charles home it can be extremely frustrating. Hot water is used for everything from washing dishes to taking showers or even doing laundry. Your water heater is essential to keeping your home functioning in St. Charles. There are a few different things to look for in a new water heater such as capacity, features, and brand. Each of these will play a big role in how your new water heater functions in your home.

The first thing you want to look at is what your capacity needs are. Each water heater will have its own set capacity such as a 40 gallon or 80 gallon tank. For a larger family you want a larger capacity as you might take several showers each day, wash laundry, and run the faucet constantly. However, just because you think you will use 80 gallons a day does not mean that you will need an 80 gallon storage tank. You must also consider the gallon per minute refill rate and features such as a tankless water heater which instantly heats water on demand. Various types such as tankless or storage will each suit different types of people. Not only that, but brands also have individual features which are unique to their models as well.

Ask a Plumber About Tankless vs Standard Water Heaters

There are so many types of water heaters available for St. Charles homeowners that you should be able to find the perfect water heater that matches your own unique needs. However it can be extremely confusing to figure out which water heater is going to end up being the best for you so we encourage you to contact a professional plumber. Once you talk with one of our certified plumbers they can walk you through the process of what your needs are and help you discover which water heater is best suited for your St. Charles home and family.