Hydro-Jetting Clears The Way Through Your Oak Brook Home’s Pipes

A family in Oak Brook was recently confronted with a dismaying situation. The sewer drain in their home began to back up and they had to act fast. They gave us call and after taking a careful look, we suggested using hydro-jetting to clear the drain. Rather than using a simple snake, we wanted to use hydro-jetting to make sure the pipes were free of build-up. After our technician had finished the job, they told us how pleased they were with the fast, effective and professional work.

Our technicians and plumbers use the most up-to-date processes to fix a multitude of plumbing problems. These highly effective tools and techniques are available to all of our customers, including those in the areas surrounding Oak Brook. Hydro-jetting is one of the more sophisticated techniques that is used to unclog pipes and sewer drains.

How does hydro-jetting work?

Let’s say that you are sitting comfortably in your home in Oak Brook. Hydro-jetting is probably the last thing on your mind. But it can become an immediate need if your sewer drains back up because of a clog, so you need to know when to call your plumber in Oak Brook. Hydro-jetting is the answer for the most clogs because it is so effective in removing the clog as well as cleaning the pipe.

Before using a hydro-jet, most plumbers will use a camera to inspect the pipe to determine if it is damaged or not. If there is no damage to the pipe itself, a special nozzle connected to a hose is inserted into the opening.

This high-pressure hose is connected to the hydro-jet machine, which pressurizes the water as it pushes into the pipe. If the water is highly pressurized, the hydro-jetting not only removes the clog, it also cleans out the debris that collects on the side of the pipe, including mineral buildup and grease. And if the hydro-jet is really powerful, it can even break up tree roots.

If You Need Hydro-Jetting in Oak Brook, Call Prestige Today

In the past, many plumbers used snakes for this job and do-it-yourself homeowners still buy snakes in the hardware stores in Oak Brook. Hydro-jetting offers a more modern approach to the age-old problem of getting rid of clogs, and it gives your pipes a great cleaning as well.