Air Conditioning Installation Experts in Naperville

Over time you will face some issues with your AC unit, where you will require air conditioning repair services or air conditioning tune ups. We at Prestige Plumbing Heating Cooling will identify the real cause of the problem, based on which we will send you our licensed HVAC technicians to service your air conditioning system. Frequently, your unit will require a simple cleaning to get rid of the dust accumulated around the fan or the coils. Other services include refilling refrigerant, replacing AC compressors, or even upgrading it in severe cases.


We Service All Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Of the many different types of systems available in the market, it is often difficult to choose the right one for your Naperville home. Make a check-list so that it becomes easier to compare the benefits each air conditioner type is giving you. A window a/c for example, gives you great value in terms of cost. A split AC on the other hand is very efficient, but slightly more expensive. Also remember to ask what kind of unit would be most efficient for the size of your rooms.


Get Your Air Conditioning Installation Done by Our Licensed HVAC Technicians in Naperville

Air conditioning installation can be a little tedious, but it pays off when the process is complete. For domestic or household use, a window air conditioner or a split AC work best. Central air conditioning units and packaged systems are only required if you have a very large living room, with perhaps a high ceiling too. Some houses are architecturally designed to have a living room with the ceiling only above the rooms in the first floor. For such houses, a central system will do very well. Beware of its cost and maintenance though.


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