Air Conditioning Tune Ups and Maintenance in Naperville

Studies have shown that most equipment breakdowns and repair service requirements come from irregular air conditioning tune up. Proper air conditioning maintenance is likely to not only reduce your hassles, but also help the AC unit perform better. It becomes especially important before the summer months, when the AC is likely to be used the most. In Naperville you can now become a member of the Prestige Club and we’ll take care of all your air conditioning maintenance work.

It has been noted that regular AC maintenance and tune ups result in 25% lower utility costs. If the cooling system within the air conditioning unit is inspected periodically, the performance, lifespan and safety of the unit improves. Your electricity bills are also likely to be lower and the AC unit is less likely breakdown and cause further headache during the summer months.


Air Conditioning Tune Ups and Their Benefits

Office work, picking up the kids from school, remembering to pick up groceries, and so much more take up all of your attention. At the end of the day it is difficult to remember to schedule an air conditioning tune up job for the next day. Become a member of the Prestige Club today, and we’re ensure that your air conditioning system is in great shape.

A standard AC tune up service includes:

a) Safety checks
b) Cleaning
c) Filter changes
d) Lubrication
e) Mechanical testing
f) Re-installation
g) Test run


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