Oswego Air Conditioning Installation Experts

Consumers in the air conditioning market can choose from a large variety of models and units, each of which have unique features. When you are looking to purchase a brand new air conditioning system for your home, there are a range of factors that you will need to consider. While the comfort and safety of you and your family is of the highest priority, you will also need to look at the energy efficiency of the device, as well as other air conditioning installation needs.

Fortunately, the licensed air conditioning technicians at Prestige have the necessary expertise and knowledge to guide you towards making the perfect decision. Having already served a number of homes and offices in Oswego, Prestige has developed a strong reputation as a reliable go-to company for all air conditioning needs.

Factors to Consider When Go Through With an Air Conditioning Installation

While your budget is always something that will factor into your decision-making process, there are other more technical factors that you will need to concern yourself with. One of the most importance factors to keep in mind is the size and layout of your home. If rooms in your home are of modest size, room or ducted air conditioners may be the perfect solution. Conversely, if you are looking to cool your entire home, a centralized cooling system will need to be installed.

Apart from size, the energy efficiency of your AC is also important. Every AC unit in the market today has a particular EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) associated with it. EERs of 10 or above indicate a highly energy efficient model. The EER of your AC unit will have a direct bearing on your electricity expenditure from month to month.

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