Oak Brook Plumbers repairs toilet leaks and seals

Water seeping from under a toilet is a terrible sight for any homeowner. Water damage occurs quickly and can ruin a home. If you notice water under your toilet, call Prestige Plumbing and we will be there fast. Usually a broken wax seal between the toilet and drain causes this type of problem. We recently had an Oak Brook customer with a wax seal that had dried out over many years of use. Our plumber pulled the toilet from the floor and replaced the wax seal. The customer’s problem was solved and no water damage occurred.

Replacing a wax ring isn’t difficult, but it’s recommended that you hire a professional plumber because certain plumbing skills are necessary to handle the toilet and replacement. There is a lot of heavy lifting and labor-intensive work required, but our experienced plumbers can handle it. We’ve been serving the Oak Brook community for years and know how to solve this type of problem. Our fully licensed and insured plumbers are here for you. Additionally, our plumbers know that water around the base of a toilet is not something to be taken lightly. They always check to make sure that the leaking water isn’t coming form an outside source. Damage to subflooring and ceilings can be a serious issue. Our plumbers take all the steps to ensure it doesn’t happen. They also clean up after the job is completed and make sure the floors are completely dry before leaving.

If You Need a Plumbing Repair in Oak Brook, Call Prestige Today

Should you have water seeping from under your toilet or any other plumbing-related problem, please don’t hesitate to call us. We care about our community and your home. We want to be there for you to ensure damage doesn’t occur. You will be pleased by our job well done and will have peace of mind knowing that problems won’t reoccur any time soon.