Air Duct Cleaning & Repair

Air ducts can be a culprit of harboring dust allergens and allowing them to sit and spread throughout your home or office. Call us today for an inspection and cleaning by dialing 630-801-8600.

Movies would have us believe that hero’s sneak through shiny clean air ducts to sneak up on villains, but ducts are actually lined in dust and dirt. Kitchen vents become coated in year old layers of oily grease released from frying pans below. There’s even evidence of reduced allergy suffering when ducts are cleaned, which isn’t surprising considering the buildup of muck in them.Air Duct Cleaning and Repair Services in North Aurora, IL

Here, at Prestige Plumbing Services, our hard earned knowledge of every component of air conditioning makes us eminently qualified to clean and maintain the ducts of a variety of differently sized homes and other buildings. The result of our expert service is improved airflow, reduction of odors and foreign matter.

The Bad News

Unfortunately, pests find their way into ducts, using the system as a roadway between rooms of a building. Droppings and insect shell casings occupy areas of the duct, increasing the chances of allergies and respiration problems. We only have one pair of lungs in our lifetime and clean air ducts ensure dirt and debris free air for the healthy respiration of all family members.

Our industrial grade tools and cleaning equipment removes debris from the deepest crevices, reaching down into the depths of ducts systems to blow or suck foreign matter that has no place in air ducts. Long reaching hoses and our expert technicians clean every trace of dirt and mold from the system with brisk efficiency and professional courtesy to the home owner. We’d suggest a scheduled maintenance of the ducts with a flexible schedule dependent on the quality of air in the local environment.

This service will constantly stop bacteria carrying debris from finding purchase, and discourage pests and rodents from making a home of the ducts. Powerful cleaning applications take the process a step further, disinfecting the surfaces of the system and sterilizing the space.

Cleaning and maintenance is an important task for keeping efficient airflow moving and reducing all kinds of pollutants, and Prestige Plumbing Services is well-equipped for the task. We also assess all other issues in the air ducts, looking for causes of excess coolness, heating or moisture, which can lead to the growth of spore producing mold. We’ll replace insulation around the ducts to protect against energy loss, and test the system to ensure it’s completely sealed and self-contained.

You can feel the difference in your day to day when you keep your air ducts clean and maintained. Give us a call for service at 630-801-8600.

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