Ductless Mini Split AC Systems

Need a mini split ac system installed in a home without ducts? We can give you advice on the type of system that will suit your needs and have it installed the same day. Give us a call at 630-801-8600 for more information.

Ductless mini split AC systems are a great option for heating a cooling if your home or office does not have the ductwork needed to install central heat and air. They are frequently the choice for people who currently have no air conditioning, or rely on window units to cool their space. These units, known as ductless splits and Ductless AC System Services in North Aurora, ILmini-splits, are known for their efficiency. They can cool a room as well as central AC, but cost much less to install and operate. They are also much quieter than most window units.

How Does It Work?

Ductless split heating and cooling systems pair an indoor unit with an outdoor unit to intake air, cool or heat it and then blow it into the room. In most cases, the outdoor unit is located on the ground while the indoor unit is mounted a few inches from the ceiling inside the space. This allows the unit to heat and cool the room evenly. The unit is then controlled by a thermostat or via remote control. While the design is simple, installation takes some expertise because the two units are connected by several electrical cables and a refrigerant line. Just like traditional units, this refrigerant must be charged during installation.

Why Would I Need a Ductless System?

There are three reasons people choose a ductless split system. The first is in a home without central heating and cooling where they homeowner has decided they want to cool or heat specific areas of the house. Split units are less expensive than traditional HVAC units, and use less electricity to run. They are also used in cases where installing ductwork is difficult or impossible, such as a home without a basement or attic. The last reason homeowners use split units is when they have added on to an existing house, or a remodel has created additional living space that is not ducted for the home’s central heating and cooling system.

Do You Need Mini-split or Multi-split?

Ductless mini split AC systems offer heat and AC for only one space, such as a living room or bedroom. The entire system consists of a single indoor unit and a single outdoor unit. A multi-split ductless AC system connects multiple indoor units to a single outdoor units. Most systems can handle up to five indoor connections. This offers you the convenience of a traditional HVAC unit, without the need to install ductwork. Each indoor unit in a multi-split can be controlled independently of one another.

A Mini Split is a great alternative when you don’t have ducts running in a section of a room or building. Give us a call for more information and an estimate by dialing 630-801-8600.

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