What Size Air Conditioner do I Need?

The right size of the air conditioner is important to ensure the efficiency of the unit in terms of cooling and cost factors. If the size of the air conditioner is not right, then it can lead to loss of cooling, inadequate cooling of the house and huge energy costs. Residents of St Charles, Elgin and North Aurora and all surrounding areas can contact Prestige Plumbing and Cooling to determine the right size of the AC units before installation.

Factors that influence the size of an air conditioner

First you need the size of the room where you want to cool using an air conditioner. You will need both the length and the width measurements as well as ceiling height. Then find the size of the room in Cubic feet, which you can do when you multiply the length with the width times the height. For a central AC unit follow the process for all rooms and add the figures. Remember to exclude areas like your basement that won’t be connected to the central AC unit. Then find out the optimum cooling capacity for your home through the US government’s Department of Energy website. For instance, for a house between 100 to 300 cubic feet you may need cooling of 5000 to 7000 British Thermal Units (BTUs). You can call a professional cooling company to know such details.

Please note to select the right size air conditioning unit the room height factor is important. So often homeowners leave this factor out. A 3000 square foot house in Elgin with a standard 8’ ceiling will have different air conditioning requirements then a very similar size home in St Charles that might happen to have 10’ ceiling throughout various parts of the home.

Cooling services from Prestige

Prestige Plumbing and Cooling are HVAC professionals. We can help you calculate the right air conditioner size for your house so that you get adequate cooling during hot summer months and also save money on your utility bills. Our technicians are skilled professionals and do all the installation and repair work for your air conditioner units. We are available 24/7 for all types of emergency repair works for AC units and for all HVAC systems. Call us now for best air conditioner installation services.

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