Geothermal Heating Repair

Geothermal Heating Repair Service in North Aurora IL

Does your geothermal heating system need to be maintained or repaired? Give us a call today for a repair and full inspection by dialing 630-801-8600.

If you happen to be a prized owner of the most environment friendly, state-of-the-art heating system of the United States, namely the geothermal heating system, it is likely that you also will need an occasional repair job. Prestige Plumbing Heating Cooling in Geothermal Heating System Repair Services in North Aurora, ILNorth Aurora, IL, proudly provides trustworthy and affordable services in repairing geothermal heating equipments.

How It Works

Interestingly, this new technology heats and cools your home through an elaborate exchange system of the earth’s temperature, a few feet under the ground around your home, instead of depending on the temperature exchange with the air outside as in the conventional HVAC air-conditioning system. This system uses very little fossil fuel to cool even a big house. While it is easy on electricity or natural gas consumption, its installation can be discouragingly expensive. In several states of the USA, a sizable tax holiday is encouraging people to increasingly consider this option.

The DIY Route

Geothermal heating and cooling systems can be very complex. So, it is definitely not advisable to try any DYI repair project around it unless one is an expert of sorts in this area. Prestige technicians are meticulously trained and they have sufficient experience to identify the problem and rectify it in a very professional and efficient manner.

Usually, a geothermal unit has a fairly long life and requires minimal maintenance depending on its type of looping system, either horizontal or vertical, and the electrical heat pump. However, when such a need arises, the looping systems entrenched deep into the ground or stacked in a pond or lake close to the house require highly technical equipments for their repair. If you notice any problem in consistent heating of your home or unequal cooling of different zones of the house, overworked heating pump or strange noises or odors in the house, it might be the time to call in an expert to look at your system.

Why Choose Us?

Our company only provides expertise for repair services. We do not install geothermal systems or provide any kind of regular maintenance. Our repair jobs are executed in a fast and friendly manner. We guarantee that customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We trust that our customers will be very happy with the workmanship of our expert technicians.

If your geothermal heating unit is giving any problems, act on it immediately and call us right away to get a free estimate! Like most mechanical problems, the geothermal heating unit stands a chance of quick recovery when you act on the problem as soon as it is noticed. Our company looks forward to servicing your geothermal heating repair needs, along with your other plumbing and air-conditioning needs in the North Aurora area.

Does your geothermal heating system need to be maintained or repaired? Give us a call today for a repair and full inspection by dialing 630-801-8600.

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