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Radiant Heating Services in North Aurora IL

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Radiant heating is one of the most efficient ways of heating a building in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. In colder climates, such as those around Aurora, Illinois installing underfloor heating can be a cost efficient way of ensuring a room stays Radiant Floor Heating Services in North Aurora, ILwarmer throughout the cold winter months compared to the more commonplace forced air heating systems that suffer from a large amount of lost heat as air is pushed through air ducts.

The Advantages

Radiant floor heating is available in many forms, but is often difficult to design and install meaning the job is best left to a professional company experienced in installing such systems like Prestige Plumbing Services. As the heating system is radiant it is more efficient than other systems that only heat a small area, usually around the baseboard of a room. Because the electrical or hydronic system flows in a large area beneath the floor of the room a larger area is heated and leads to a more even spread of heat around the heated area. This differs from forced air heating systems that provide heat directly to areas around the vents that hot air is pumped into.

Other advantages radiant heating systems have over other heating systems include the reduced need for heating systems to operate throughout the day and night during cold Winter months. Forced air and other non radiant systems often require the running of a boiler throughout the day and night at high temperatures to keep the heat system running at the required temperature. Because of this boilers in colder areas often have a reduced lifespan compared to warmer areas because of the high temperatures required to run heating systems all Winter. Hydronic systems that operate by pushing warm water through pipes installed beneath the floor of a building usually require a lower temperature of water to be pumped through the underfloor system compared to that required to heat air used in a forced air heating system.

Electric Systems

An electric underfloor radiant heat system can also be installed that usually consists of mats made up of plastic cables that are heated over a long period of time before being allowed to radiate heat over an eight to ten hour period. These systems are often used in areas where an off peak electricity rate can be negotiated for off peak hours, usually overnight. This type of system requires a subfloor media, such as a concrete slab that is heated overnight and releases the heat taken in over a long period of time during the day following the concrete being charged with heat.

Radiant heating is a great upgrade to have in any home or office. Let us walk you through the process and offer estimates, call today at 630-801-8600.

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