UV Air Sanitizers Services

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To reiterate what the EPA has routinely pointed out to the public: The air inside a home is more polluted than what is found outdoors. Despite how confusing this sounds to many people, the facts cannot be denied. Inside your home posses more of a health hazard than your time outdoors. With as much time as families UV Air Purifier and Sanitation AC Services in North Aurora, ILspend inside and the general concern for maintaining good health, it is no coincidence that the demand for options in producing clean indoor air is high.

The professionals at Prestige Plumbing Heating Cooling understands both the concern and demand which the public has created in North Aurora. To address these needs, a variety of methods have been established which can be implemented to the benefit of any home or business owner.

UV Air Sanitation

A growing trend in purifying the air within the home is the use of an ultraviolet air sanitizer.

These units are well received on many levels due to their constant operation, unlike standard filtration systems, and their ability to render many microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, and dust mites ineffectual. It is these same microorganisms that often cause, or exacerbate, the many health complications that people develop as a result of exposure to polluted indoor air.

How Does It Work?

The UV air sanitizer units are placed in the HVAC system of your residence. Out of sight, these devices will expose the air flow to potent UV rays as it makes its way through your HVAC system. The UV lamps are not strong enough to immediately kill all of the contaminants within your home, however, with constant exchanges produced by the HVAC cycle, it effectively provides 24 hour sanitization in the home or business.

An average HVAC system will completely exchange the indoor air of a dwelling approximately 50 times in a single day. The constant air flow will produce a higher exposure to the ultraviolet rays, which in turn diminishes overall contaminants in the air.

Another added benefit of implementing a UV air sanitizer is that it will not only limit the circulating mold that is found in your home, but it will help to prevent growth within your HVAC ducts. This problem is a strong source and concern for the indoor levels of mold that are often found as the ducts provide an excellent breeding ground for microorganisms.

The skilled HVAC technicians at Prestige Plumbing Supply are happy to provide you with excellent service that will see you and your family breathing easy and enjoying your home even more.

Interested in cleaner air options for your home or office? UV Air Sanitizers can really boost the quality of air you breathe in a building, call us today for more information by dialing 630-801-8600.

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