St. Charles Air Conditioning Experts Provide AC Repairs and Replacements

There are times when you desperately need your air conditioning system to be repaired. The worst case happens when and your home’s AC isn’t operating on a hot summer day, we at Prestige are here to provide you with air conditioning repairs and replacements. If it’s an absolutely emergency, we also have 24/7 emergency air conditioning repairs available.

The following are reasons that air conditioning repairs as required:

  • Excessive noise: Your air-conditioning unit is designed to function unobtrusively in the background. To do that, it must be efficient. If the system is making more noise than what it emitted earlier, then it is time to call the air-conditioning repair person.
  • Weak flow of air: Air flow from the air-conditioner varies on the age of the air filter. It is advisable to change the air filter regularly. This will not only result in maximum cooling, but also ensure a better quality of air. In case, the air flow remains weak even after you have changed the filter, it is time to phone the technician.
  • Warm air: Air-conditioners are supposed to supply cool air. Warm air signifies a faulty air-conditioner. The source of the fault could be a simple lack of coolant or can be a more complex problem.

Do keep in mind that in case you are forced to do frequent air-conditioner repair, then it is logical and makes better economic sense-to go for a complete air
conditioning replacement.

Our Technicians Are Exprienced in a Wide Range of AC Repairs and Replacements

In St. Charles, we solve a lot of problems when it comes to improper functioning of air-conditioners. We can replace the cooling and heating elements and improve overall system performance.

At Prestige , we cover the following air conditioning services:

  • Maintenance of older air-conditioners. If your unit is more than six years old, we can make it more efficient
  • Reducing higher energy bills: We have the skills to make your air-conditioner cooling equipment more efficient
  • Rooms that have become humid and are full of dust: This comes from poor condition of equipment and ductwork that leaks.

Call 630-812-0226 For Air Conditioning Repairs and Replacements in St. Charles and All of West Chicago Suburbs. 24/7 Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs Available*!

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