Tankless water heaters for St Charles Homeowners

Update Your St. Charles Water Heater With A New Tankless System

Last week we worked with a St. Charles homeowner that had a water heater which he had been running for 22 years. With most water heaters failing well before the ten-year mark, this was quite a mini-miracle. However the water heater eventually did die and he called our company looking for a plumbing repair. The man was unsure which type of water heater would be the best for him so we reviewed the options available and ultimately he selected on a Kenmore tankless water heater.

Kenmore sells both electric and gas water heaters and they have some of the best water heaters that are currently available on the market. While doing plumbing repairs over the years we have seen many St. Charles homeowners request Kenmore water heaters and with its long lasting durability it is a great option for your home. In this particular case the homeowner settled on the tankless system because he wanted to be able to heat water on demand. Tankless water heaters often save you on water bills because they only heat the amount of water that is needed. Unlike a typical 40 or 80 gallon capacity water heater which simply heats up its entire reservoir at the start of each day a Kenmore tankless system will only provide the amount that you need. The entire plumbing repair and installation only took us a few hours and our St. Charles customer was happy with the result.

Why Tankless water heaters reduce utility costs

If you are looking for a new tankless water heater for your St. Charles home then now could be the perfect time to make the update. It is always better to call for a plumbing repair a little early rather than too late, as going without hot water can be quite frustrating. We enjoy working with our local St. Charles customers and we will always provide the best plumbing repair services possible.