Prestige troubleshoots Heating System Problems in Your Oswego Home

We were recently called to an Oswego home to check out a malfunctioning heater. It turned out that the heater itself was actually working, but the duct system had a leak. One of the vents in the attic had become detached, and all the heat was leaking out into the attic space. Our expert technician quickly fixed the problem, and the house began to warm up immediately, making our customer very happy.

If you live in Oswego, heating service is one of the most important things in your home, especially when the chill of winter sets in. If your heat goes out, it can get very cold, very quickly! That’s why Prestige prides itself on being the best in customer service in Oswego, where heating service is critical for our customers’ comfort.

In addition to our great customer service, Prestige is also known for being able to quickly solve your heating problems. In Oswego, heating service that doesn’t work can cause frozen pipes, which means an even more costly repair. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your furnace or heater is working properly and efficiently.

If You Need Heating Service in Oswego, Call Prestige Today

But what happens when your heater is obviously working and yet no heat is reaching the rooms of your home? This usually indicates a problem in the house’s duct work. Ducts can leak heat for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the heated air is lost because of holes or joints in the duct that are not sealed completely. Also, if your home contains flexible ducts, these can sometimes develop kinks which block the flow of heated air. Another place to check for leaks is the vents and registers themselves. If there are gaps between the vent or register and the floor or ceiling where they are placed, heat can also escape from those spaces.

One more sign of faulty heating ducts or seals is higher utility bills. When we feel a bit chilly in our homes, we often turn up the heat without thinking about it, reasoning that the temperature outside might have dropped. If you find yourself having to turn up the heat more than usual just to stay comfortable, give Prestige a call. If you have a problem, we’ll come to your home in Oswego, and heating your home will no longer be problem. Our skilled technicians can make the repair and your home will be toasty again!