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Did you know that you can save over $100 each year in electricity bills simply by replacing your tank water heater with a tankless one? Plus you ALWAYS have plenty of hot water on demand. Now that you know, we hope that you take advantage of our great offers and outstanding service. Tankless water heaters come in different capacities which means the savings may be even larger. But why don’t you leave the calculations and installations to us. For example let’s look at how we helped two local families living in Aurora IL and Warrenville IL, Prestige can help you with tankless water heater installations.

A tankless water heater can give you hot water on demand and as much as you want. Since the water is instantly heated ‘as needed’, there are no standby losses. Moreover, tankless water heaters cost just a little more than tank water heaters with many benefits and utility cost savings that make them very economical. So if you look at the advantages, it makes a lot of sense to install a tankless water heater.

Cases where a tankless water heater turned out to be the better option

A client in Aurora IL had a big family and only one bathroom. Their tank water heater used to take a lot of time to heat water. It was a problem because many of the family members were working and all of them wanted to take a hot shower before they went out in the morning. So the client decided to install a tankless water heater.

After we were called in, one of the first things we did was ask the client how many people used the hot water for showers each morning. Using this data, we calculated the household’s water consumption. Based on this, we found an appropriate tankless water heater for their needs.

Another family in Warrenville wanted to reduce their utility power consumption. Their existing tank water heater was more than 10 years old and was guzzling power as it worked to continually heat the water stored in the tank. We suggested a replacement tankless water heater. We even installed it the same day and the client was able to bring down his power use and now always has hot water.

Call now for the Tankless Heater Advantage

It is not enough if you install a tankless water heater. You must install the right one. Prestige has installed tankless hot water heaters in countless homes in of our local suburbs in addition to the Aurora IL and Warrenville IL examples mentioned. We are always happy to share references and our excellent reviews. All prices and quotes will be given to you beforehand and we won’t start any work without you understanding our flat rate pricing which protects you from “surprises”. We assure you that you won’t be overcharged. To get these benefits, please contact us.