When Is It Time To Call And Elgin Water Heater Repair Company?

Bradford White 75 Gallon Power Vent Water HeaterWe get a lot of calls from residents in the Elgin area looking for water heater repair. Waking up in the morning to no hot water can be one of the most frustrating experiences around. Nobody likes taking a cold shower so having contact with a nearby water heater repair company who can get it taken care of quickly is essential. Earlier this month we had one call where just this problem had happened. The Elgin homeowner did not realize that for some reason their hot water heater had stopped working during the night. They went to take a shower only to find that the water was ice cold. They gave us a call after seeing Prestige Plumbing listed as a local water heater repair company.

We had one of our water heater repair technicians out at their Elgin home in just a couple hours and when taking a look at the hot water heater it turned out that one of the elements had actually burned out. Luckily we were able to replace it quickly and easily. All we had to do was drain out the water and replace the element with a new one that we had with us. After completing the water heater repair we also lined it up with the thermostat to make sure that everything would be working as efficiently as possible. The homeowner was happy that the water heater repair didn’t take a very long time and they were able to get to work without too large of a delay.

If You Need Water Heater Repair in Elgin, Call Prestige Plumbing Today

Next time your water heater breaks down in the night, you now know a local water heater repair company near Elgin. We love getting the chance to work with our customers in the Elgin area and we will always make sure that your water heater repairs are taking care of nice and quick. This way you’ll never have to go too long without any hot water again.