Dangers Of Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line

Trees are a beautiful thing to have in your yard. They create shade on a hot summer day, turn colors in the fall, and even allow your children a place to climb and play or build a clubhouse. But are they ruining your sewer lines?

Tree roots love sewer lines,Tree Roots and it’s easy to understand why. Sewer lines contain water, nutrients and oxygen. These three are the main ingredients for tree, and therefore tree root, growth. Combine that with the loose soil, and you’ve got everything tree roots love! These tree roots find the cracks or joints in your pipes and then push their way in until they break through, where they are then free to grow inside your pipes. Tree roots are a common cause of sewer line problems, and unfortunately one of the most expensive fixes.

If not stopped, tree roots can completely clog pipes. They can catch household fats and other substances and create one big clog. So how do you know if you have tree roots growing in your sewer lines? Unfortunately, sewer lines are underground, so it isn’t as easy as looking. There are, however, signs to be on the look-out for to prevent big messes. Gurgling toilets are a sign of tree root blockage in your pipes. Slow draining drains in your entire home that drain cleaner isn’t helping can be a sign you have a root infestation.

The best way to find out if your problem is tree roots is to call a professional who uses the camera method to locate the issue. These professionals send a small camera into your pipelines and watch the feed on a monitor to determine the exact location, if any, of your tree roots. Most of this technology will also tell you the depth of the pipes are that location, which makes solving the tree-root problem permanently even easier for your plumber.

Tree roots are especially popular in homes built pre-1970 that have clay pipes. These are easier to penetrate that modern-day piping. You can have clay pipes replaced and significantly lower your chance of having to deal with tree roots ever again.

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