Have you kept up with your AC unit’s maintenance?

Is your air conditioner unit ready for the hot weather season? Before it arrives, get your AC unit a thorough maintenance check to stay cool all summer long. An air conditioner has to work very hard to cool the hot air. Without proper AC maintenance it can stop working properly and use more energy to operate it.

We use only highly trained technicians to come to your home to do scheduled maintenance. They will inspect both the interior and exterior condenser coils. If the coils are dirty, they will thoroughly clean and check them for any damage. Dirty coils can cause the motor to work extra hard and you will end up using more energy trying to cool the air. If your coils are damage, our technicians will replace them.

They will check your level of refrigerant. Having the required amount of refrigerant will keep the compressor working at proper speeds. If your levels are low your compressor will be forced to work harder and your compressor could burn out.

The indoor blower will need to be inspected. If you have an older model, your blower may have a driver belt which needs to be inspected. If it is fine it may need an adjustment. The fans and blades on the outdoor motor will be checked to see if they are in good working order. The air intake from the coil fins will be checked also.

All of the electric connection will be inspected. They will be checked for wear or damage. If they need to be replaced our technicians are qualified. The electric connections will be properly inspected and repair if needed.
The duct work will be inspected for leaks and sealed if needed. Your unit will not be efficient if you have leaks. In older units the parts will need to be lubricated. The newer models are sealed and do not need to be lubed.
Our technicians can have your AC unit running like new again. Don’t wait to schedule an appointment to keep your unit running all season long.

Have you been keeping up with your AC unit’s maintenance? Call us at (630) 557-1517 and schedule a service call today!