Thinking about buying a home?

As a new homeowner, you want to make sure the home you are about to sink your money into is picture perfect. There will normally be an inspection that takes place, but the usual required inspectors might not have expertise in the area of plumbing. Home inspectors as required when getting a loan for most banks, might see a plumbing issue and will hopefully tell you to hire a plumber to check things out further. For this reason, you really need to have a separate plumbing inspection done before you purchase your new home.

Having a plumber inspect your home makes sure that if there was any previous work done, you will know if it was done correctly or if there are any issues because of faulty work. While you might be able to see cracked or warped flooring as a sign of water damage, a plumber will be able to tell you exactly how much damage has occurred and the approximate cost needed to repair the damage.

Cross connection issues are another reason to have a plumber inspect your new home. This occurs when water meant for the house gets contaminated by another water source. If a city pipe breaks lower than the pipe used for the house, you could end up drinking toxic material.

Not knowing if you have pipe issues is a big reason as to why you need a plumber to inspect your new home. There are actually certain types of pipes that are only to be used for certain household water types. Only a plumber would be able to tell if your pipes are being used illegally.

Once you purchase your home, it is also a safe idea to have an annual plumbing inspection performed on your house. This will help prevent sudden water leaks as the plumber would be able to tell if there is a persistent leak that needs to be corrected. Before investing time and money into your home, you need to be sure a plumber can assure you it is in good working condition.

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