How to use your AC energy efficiently

The cost from air conditioning usage can form a major part of any energy bill in your Aurora home. Proper AC maintenance and other factors will help you in efficient use of energy and will also lower your power bills.

AC Care and conservation in Aurora IL

AC maintenance is the number one factor that can save you huge power bills.

  • Have a professional check your air conditioning unit once a year. This will help you know of any problems before you run huge energy bills because of faulty parts.
  • Monthly cleaning of AC filters goes a long way to lower the cost of using AC. A clean filter moves the air freely.
  • Make sure that the condensation drains properly. 

Proper Thermostat use in Aurora IL

Use of thermostat can significantly affect the cost of AC usage.

  • Program your thermostat setting to increase temperature when the house is empty.
  • Set your AC temperature as high as possibly comfortable in the heat.
  • The key to power saving is to set the thermostat temperature to 78ºF.

Get creative

Use creative methods to decrease the use of AC, which in turn will save you money.

  • Keep your windows shaded during the day.
  • If you have space for outdoor plants, use them to regulate the temperature of your livings space in a natural way. If not, you can use some indoor plants or a few on your kitchen windowsill or wherever you can.
  • Equip the AC in a smaller space if possible. A small room will cool quickly and you can switch off the AC sooner.