DIY Plumbing Projects That Are Best Left To Professional Plumbers

Even though you possess the skill set to do plumbing work around your home, there is a very good reason why you should leave such projects to professional plumbers. This reason is that most insurance and appraisal companies will not recognize work that is done by anyone other than a licensed and bonded plumber as adequate.

This is very important when you are attempting to file an insurance claim after you have major plumbing problems, or when you sustain flood damage to your home. An insurance agent will ask you for the name of the plumber who did the work in order to investigate the matter. This can be to seek compensation from the plumber’s insurance if the damages were the result of the plumber doing bad work. If the insurance agent finds that you did the plumbing work on your own, then they will oftentimes require you to pay for the cost of repairs out of your own pocket.

Many insurance agents are also able to recognize the trademark signs of work that is done by a person other than a licensed professional. This includes things like the use of plastic piping to avoid using solder, rubber gaskets rather than metal ones, and the avoidance of using branching joints.

You will also run into similar problems when you have an insurance mandated appraisal of your home, or are having your home appraised before selling it. Many appraisal representatives will be able to identify work done by a handyman, or will ask you to show documents of who did the plumbing in your home. If they discover that the work was done by someone other than a professional, they will oftentimes deduct the cost of having the work redone by a professional. They will also make adjustments to your appraisal and insurance rates based upon the maximum amount of damages that could be caused by a leak, and then deduct it against the appraisal. This will include the cost water and mold remediation, and the cost of having a carpenter replace your home’s interior walls and floors.

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