Tips On Keeping Your Home Warm During the Winter

Many people experience sharp increases in their heating bills this time of year. This is due to having to run their furnaces constantly to keep the house warm. The bills are also higher because utility companies have higher winter rates for the electricity and natural gas. The following are tips homeowners can follow in order lower their heating bills while keeping the home warm.

Helpful Tips to Lower Your Heating Bill During Winter

Window leaks allow warmer air inside the home to escape creating a constant drain of valuable warmth. Caulking the windows on both sides will close out those caulks. Be sure to use water resistant caulk on the exterior side of the windows. Silicone caulk is suitable for inside use.

Insulate the home. This is not the cheapest solution, but it will save a substantial amount of money in the long run. If insulating the entire home isn’t yet affordable, try insulating select areas. The garage ceiling is one such area. This will keep the rooms above the garage warmer. Adding insulating backer boards to the garage door will keep the garage temperature warmer and thus keep the house warmer. Rolling 12-inch insulation layers on the attic floor will also keep the house warmer.

Periodically replace the furnace air filter. That will keep the furnace running at optimal efficiency, which translates to warming the home with the least amount of energy. Also, clean air filters, especially the ones with a MERV 13 rating and above, keep germs and bacteria out of the home atmosphere which promotes better health. A dirty air filter can add as much as $80 to the monthly heating bill. Changing them periodically will save money while helping to keep the house warm.

Consider adding duct covers over the ductwork that carries the heat throughout the home. If the ducts are not covered, valuable heat will be lost before reaching the heat vents in the rooms inside the house.

Now, most homes may have a room or two which are hard to heat. Rather than run the furnace constantly in order to keep those rooms warm, consider heating them with space heaters. A good space heater is both safe and energy efficient. It can be used to keep that hard to heat room at a comfortable temperature while allowing the thermostat to be lower and save on energy costs.

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