Variable-Speed Air Handler

Air conditioners are very popular in American cities like Aurora where it can get very hot during the summer months. This means that air conditioners are used extensively in such areas, which can lead to energy costs for households in Aurora rising considerably. This is why when you are thinking of an AC install, make sure that it has an air handler too. An air handler in an AC install improves efficiency and also the comfort level of those using the air conditioner.

Why use a variable-speed air handler

If you are thinking of a new AC install or upgrading your existing AC install, it is best to install a variable-speed air handler. The other components of the air conditioner like the evaporator, condenser, refrigerant and compressor work to remove heat from the air in the space while the air handler moves the conditioned air properly around the space and also in and out of the AC. By handling air flow, an air handler allows the space to be cooled efficiently and uniformly.

The variable speed air handler adjusts according to the cooling needs thereby saving energy and money. It also reduces the noise levels of the AC and ensures that the unit is working at peak efficiency at all times. As the amount of cooling is just right throughout the day, the users of the AC feel comfortable at all times. An AC unit with a variable speed air handler also maintains air quality and humidity levels at just the right levels.