How to resolve a clogged garbage disposal problem

It is not unnatural for homeowners or residents in North Aurora to pay little attention to where they dispose of their trash and waste. One does not really think about how a garbage disposal works when you dump in food waste, grease or soap scum. However, like any basin, sink or toilet, a garbage disposal can also become clogged from time to time, if you are not careful. More often than not, these clogs are a consequence of food waste lining up along the piping, thereby reducing water flow and pressure.

A clogged garbage disposal can be caused as a result of too much water flow, or too little water flow. Certain food wastes like banana peels, egg shells, and even coffee beans are bulky enough to cause disruptions in the flow of water as well. Fortunately, with some basic plumbing tips, you can un-jam your garbage disposal quite conveniently.

The first thing you should do is turn off any electricity running to your garbage disposal. Once electricity has been shut off, open up the disposal and see if you can identify the cause of a leak. In some cases, this could just be a single foreign object that can be easily dislodged by hand. You can also insert a long wooden spoon through the sink, before forcing the impeller blades to move back and forth manually. This is useful if the blades themselves are caught on a foreign object. However, in cases where the problem is that of grease, you may need an alternative solution.

A clever way to remove any residue lining up your piping is to cut slices of lemon and throw them into the disposal. The lemon helps break up grease and residue, increasing water flow.