Identifying plumbing issues before moving into a new house

When you visit prospective houses, with the aim of selecting one for yourself, it is possible to identify changes or upgrades required for the flooring, paint or the kitchen. However, identifying upgrades required for the plumbing system is quite difficult, if not impossible. The visible sections of the plumbing, in the bathroom or kitchen, are a minuscule fraction of the overall plumbing system. The rest is hidden behind walls and under floors.

There is nothing worse than discovering that significant plumbing upgrades are required after moving into the house, and which require you to shell out more money. So, you need to ensure issues like pipe bursting are taken care of before you movie in to your new Aurora house.

Hire a home inspector

A professional home inspector will be able to competently check out the state of the plumbing system in the new home. The home inspector will be able to identify a potential pipe bursting case and replace the pipe before it creates a problem. However, not all home inspectors are plumbing specialists. So, before hiring one find out if the home inspector has the necessary skills to evaluate plumbing systems. He or she might identify a leaky pipe, but might miss out on a bent pipe that could cause water clogging.

What can you do on your part?

Some of the basic problems with the house’s plumbing can be identified by you as well. Keep eyes open for; leaky pipes, slower than normal drainage of water in sinks or commodes, above normal or below normal water pressure and signs of water damage. Also, research a bit about plumbing issues native to Aurora. This will provide you clues to identify potential threats.