Reasons of boiler leaking in Aurora IL

Boilers leak happens quite frequently and they need to be quickly repaired. This is important as a delay in repair could make the problems worse. A leak indicates a serious fault and a timely boiler inspection and a subsequent fix can prevent the internal parts of the boiler from corrosion.

Causes of a boiler leak may range from cracks in the cast iron sections of the boiler to the seal being broken on the circulation pump of the boiler. It is essential to do a boiler inspection and isolate the leak source. This should be done exclusively by a qualified heating and boiler engineer in North Aurora. At Prestige you will find many such engineers.
Water leaks from the boiler can be due to:
  • Leakage along the connection to the water pipe
  • Pressure relief valve developing faults
  • Faulty pump

In case of a leaking pump, the simplest solution is pump seal replacement. If there is a leak in the pressure relief valve, then there is a strong chance of the system expansion tank being filled up with water. In case the expansion tank is not at fault, it is possible that sediments in the valve may prevent it from closing. To verify this, switch the boiler off. After it is sufficiently cooled, lift the relief lever manually. Discharge the water and then wait for a few seconds before allowing the lever to snap into closed position. The subsequent discharge of water should be strong and comparatively clean.

Non-boiler causes

In case the water is dripping or leaking from pipes, simply track the leak to the source and repair the affected part. You may have to switch off the house water supply to complete the task.