A few tricks on how to do the drain cleaning yourself

Drain cleaning because of a clogged sink in your North Aurora home is not a pleasurable task, but it has to be done. But before you call the plumber, try a few tricks yourself.

Plunge the plunger in Aurora IL

Use a plunger to unclog the drain. Fill the sink with water and pull the plunger several times. Use it a bit longer if water has not begun to clear after a minute or two of plunging. A few more plunges should help in complete drain cleaning.

Clean the strainers in Aurora IL

Remove the lid of the drain and remove all debris that might be causing the blockage. Hair and other materials can clog any drain. Regular cleaning of the drain by removing strainers and stoppers can help to keep your sink unclogged.

Fizz the clog

Make a mixture of vinegar and baking soda in water and pour it down the drain. The fizz in the chemicals often clears the sink clogs in a few minutes.

Use chemicals

Try using chemical drain cleaners available in the market. Pour the mixture in the sink and keep it overnight. This should do the trick. Just follow usage instructions and you might just wake up to an unclogged sink.

Snake the clog

Use a snake, which is a plumbing tool used for unclogging the drains. It goes deep into the drain cleaning away anything that might be obstructing the pipe.

Unclog other drains

At times the problem might not be in your sink drain but in the main drain. Unclogging the main drain can unclog the sink drain.