AC Cleaning

All reputable air conditioning specialists provide air conditioning system cleaning or cleaning of your home’s AC system as part of their home ventilation services. Air conditioning or AC cleaning involves more than a simple sweep of your air ducts, so rather than have a simple air duct cleaning, it’s recommended that you have a licensed HVAC professional perform a thorough cleaning of your entire air conditioning system.

Your air ducts can have a negative impact to your health if they are not properly maintained. Contaminants and airborne pollutants such as dust, dander, cigarette smoke, or even asbestos can collect in your air ducts and make you and your family sick. HVAC cleaning is part of total home ventilation maintenance and plays an integral role in the indoor air quality of your home.

A local licensed HVAC technician will remove your air duct grilles and thoroughly clean them to remove pollutants such as nicotine and cooking oil film that typically build up on your grilles. If your air duct cleaning reveals the need for grille replacement, the licensed HVAC technician will inform you of the possible options are. A deep cleaning of your air conditioning system’s condensation coils and evaporator coils will also take place as part of an AC cleaning. These coils are what give your air conditioning system the ability to cool the air and reduce humidity.
Improving air quality in your home is frequently as simple as scheduling a cleaning of your air conditioning system

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