Signs Your Heat Pump Needs To Be Repaired

Do you suspect there is something wrong with your heat pump? It may be something simple. Before you buy another or try to fix it yourself, call a technician if there is any sign of a problem. The first sign of trouble could be that there is no heat. Check to make sure everything is plugged up, set to heat,filters clean, and your vents aren’t blocked. If your basics are covered, your heat pump might need repaired.

Pumps should be cleaned annually or it will make the pump work harder. This type of service is covered in many contracts for this reason. Be sure you have the right size heat pump for your home. The wrong size could be costing you a bundle in energy each year.

If you live in a very cold area, it is possible that the heat pump is working just fine but it is not the right type of equipment for that environment. Check to see if the outdoor fan is running. When it is freezing outside, the outdoor thermostat triggers the system to shut off the heat pump and switch to the furnace if you have a dual heating system. In this case, it may be the furnace that needs to be repaired. If you are not sure if you have a dual system, a technician can verify if its the furnace or heat pump.

Sometimes when there is a heat problem, the handler or furnace will trip a fuse at the breaker box. If a fuse is not tripped, the heat pump may need repaired. If it was tripped, it could be the wiring, handler, or furnace.

Another sign that the heat pump needs maintenance is when there is ice and frost buildup on the outside unit. The unit might have frozen over because it needs refrigerant fluid or the environment was icy. Either way, it will need to be defrosted. The unit might need freon. This refrigerant is obtained only with special license in most areas. You will need to call an HVAC repair technician to take care of this. Turn the unit off before the technician gets there to prevent losing more gas and to prevent further damage from the frost.

Heat pumps are rebellious teenagers. The typical heat pump last 12-15 years. If your pump is getting into the teen years, it will need to be maintained or replaced.

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