Signs Your Heating Unit Needs a Tune Up

With any household appliance wear and tear can be expected. In order to save on costly repairs it is important to regularly service units such as the heater or furnace. Keeping up with the maintenance of the heating unit will ensure the comfort of the home and a budget. It is a good idea to find out if the heating unit needs a tune up before the weather gets too cold. If you locate any problems be sure to contact a professional HVAC technician who can fully inspect your heating unit properly to accurately determine the problem and ensure that any repairs that are needed are made. There are some red flags that the heating unit may need servicing or a tune up.

How Can I Tell If My Heating System Needs Maintenance?

  • It is best to have a tune up for the heater in a home at least once a year. Due to heating being used the most during the winter months, you may want to have the heater serviced and a annual tune up before the winter months so you are not left in the cold. However, there are signs that a heater needs a tune up which can prevent further issues than can occur if the issue is not addressed.
  • If the heat is turned on but not heat is coming from the vents, this is an obvious bad sign. However, many experience this issue with their heating when it’s too late. It’s best to try turning on the heat before the winter months to see how it works otherwise you will be left in the cold until it can be repaired. Before making any calls about the heater not working, check the breaker switches to be sure that they are on.
  • One sign that the heater needs a tune up or repairs that cannot be avoided is the carbon monoxide monitor. This is especially important for those how have heat from gas heating. Carbon monoxide cannot be smelt or seen therefore you will not know and can actually kill you. However, all gas appliances have a monitor to detect the carbon monoxide. In the event this alarm was to be set off, quickly shut down all gas appliances. It is best to open all windows and doors and wait outside while calling the police department.
  • The flame that remains lit on the furnace should remain a steady size and blue color. If the flame portrays a yellow or orange color or seems to flicker and dance around, then the unit will need servicing. This means an underlying cause such as a leak in the heat exchanger may be to blame. Servicing the heating unit before a leak gets out of control or completely impairs the furnace will keep expenses to a minimum. High carbon monoxide levels in the home are dangerous and can cause serious health complications or death. If the level of carbon monoxide is even slightly high it is very imperative to have the heating unit serviced immediately. The furnace is most likely to blame in this situation because many rely on natural gas to operate.
  • Noticeable cracks or rust on the unit should be inspected by an HVAC technician or other certified personnel. When rust or cracks occur in certain areas of the heating unit it can be properly addressed to repair and continue the longevity of the machine. However if these damages occur in places such as the heat exchanger it is likely determined that the unit be replaced all together instead of fixing a few parts.
  • If you are hearing a banging, whining or groaning noise coming from your heater this is often an indication that there is a loose belt or an ignition problem. 
  • If you start receiving a larger than typical electric bill while your usage is the same, there could be several reasons why this is happening. Be sure to contact a professional if this is the case. If there is no change after several repairs you should replace the heating unit.

To save time, money, and overall comfort within the temperature of the home, being able to know when it is time to have a tune up performed on the heating unit is very important. Remember the red flags and have the unit serviced immediately to extend the life and better the function of the heating unit.

Benefits of Heating Tune Ups

A dirty heating unit can cause mold and dust to be circulated throughout your household. This can cause breathing problems like asthma and allergies. Regular maintenance checks can help avoid this from happening. If there are warm and cold spots throughout your home it could be a sign that the heating unit is going upward into an attic instead of heating the rooms within your home.

Of course during winter months you will see a increase due to the use of the heater. However, an abnormal spike in a utility bill could be from a heater working improperly and consuming more energy. Usually, more energy is consumed while the heater struggles trying to keep the house to a certain temperature. If a heater has to strain too hard, it can actually cause it to have even more complicated issues such as shutting down due to more damages. Having a routine tune up can save you money in the long run from lowering the energy cost to potentially having to replace a heater.

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