What to Do When Your AC Stops Working

We all have experienced a hot summer day and felt the need to immediately turn on your home’s air conditioning system. Now imagine this, you try to turn on your AC and it doesn’t turn on. Oh no! The first thing that sets in is panic, “please have this AC system work now!”

When your air conditioning system stops working, these are couple of immediate actions that you can take:

#1: Make sure that your thermostat selector is set in the “cooling” position. Some air conditioning systems have a built-in timer that slows down the turning on of the equipment. Wait for 5-10 minutes for the timer to finish, and adjust the thermostat several degrees below the temperature inside your home. If the thermostat requires calibration, contact a service professional.

#2: Make sure that your air conditioner is getting power. Find your main fuse panel, and determine whether the fuse or circuit breaker for the equipment has blown or tripped. Replace a blown fuse with one that has the same amperage, or reset the circuit breaker. Some units have a breaker panel located near the outside AC unit. Ensure that the breaker inside electrical box is on or the quick disconnect is inserted properly. If there continues to be electrical issues, a licensed HVAC professional is necessary.

If neither of these actions work with your air conditioning system, an air conditioning repair or replacement by a licensed AC technician.

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