DIY: Repair Minor Plumbing Problems

It makes little sense to seek professional help to solve minor repairs at home. It is both time consuming and expensive. Here some plumbing tips and essential plumbing tools that you should keep handy at your North Aurora home, so that you can repair minor problems.


This is as basic as it gets. Toilets, sinks (in the bathroom and kitchen) are prone to clogging. A plunger can be a saviour is such situations. It uses suction to remove clogs. You can easily unclog the toilet or sinks with it. A clog doesn’t happen on schedule. It could take place at any time. Calling for professional help might not be an option. However, serious clogs require more than a plunger. If you cannot repair the situation with the plunger, do not hesitate to call a professional. Delay in solving clogs can lead to further damage to the house.

Basin wrench and pipe wrench

These are other basic plumbing tools that should be handy at your North Aurora home. A basin wrench is also known as a sink wrench. You can use it to change old faucets anywhere in the house – kitchen, bathroom, etc. It is really useful in tightening or loosening fittings in place that are hard to reach. Make sure that the basin wrench you buy has a telescopic shank, which allows it to remain in a 90 degree position. A pipe wrench is not as popular as it once was, but is nonetheless an important tool to have in your possession.


Pliers or channel locks are equally important. Removing sections of the plumbing system becomes quicker and easier with pliers. These have become the more popular alternative to pipe wrenches.
Not all plumbing issues can be solved by these simple tools. If you feel you do not clearly understand the nature of the problem, call for professional help in North Aurora.