Tips On Properly Maintaining Your Drains

Regardless of whether an individual rents out an apartment or owns their own home, it is important to maintain the drains. Without proper maintenance, the drain is simply going to break down, clog up and cause other situations that simply are not desirable. Due to this, it is necessary for anyone to properly take on maintenance elements in order to prolong the life of the entire drainage system in the entire home or apartment.

Helpful Tips for Taking Care of Your Drains

Only Water: One problem that many individuals run into is allowing more than just water and not harmful liquids down the drain. Sure, all of the hair form your shower seems to go down the drain without a problem, but eventually this hair is going to cause serious problems inside of the plumbing. In order to avoid damaging the plumbing, nothing short of facial and leg shavings should be allowed down the drain. Longer hair is going to become tangled and cause other debris, including actual shavings from the face or body, to cling to it and cause clogging.

Avoid Drain Opening Liquids: The commercials make it seem so simple. After all, individuals with clogged drains simply need to pour the chemicals down the drain and the chemicals simply eat away at the clog and open up the drain. Sure, the chemicals are able to do this, but the chemicals also eat away at the drain itself. The longer the chemicals sit in one place in the drain, the longer it has to break down the metal or plastic drain. Eventually, this is going to deteriorate the drain itself, which will require the owner or renter to replace the drains all together. When there is a clog and some of the manual tools do not work, it is time to bring in the professionals and service the problem.

Watch the Garbage Disposal: Not everything can go into the garbage disposal.There are some items, like coffee grinds and egg shells, that become lodged under the blades and corrode the entire drainage system. Due to this, it is better to pour these items into the trash and save the disposal.

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