DIY Drain Cleaning

Over time the drain lines at your North Aurora home are bound to get clogged. The problem could arise in any of the drains – kitchen sink, bathroom drain and so on. There are simple ways through, which you can ensure that the drains remain clean and water as well as waste passes through it without obstructions.

Use a plunger

This is a simple, and in many cases the most effective, drain cleaning solution. Drain clogs or backing up of water in the toilet can be easily be looked into with a plunger.

Brine solution

A lot of grease and foul smelling waste is drained through the kitchen sink. Grease deposits inside the drain can lead to clogs and waste material can create a bad odor to emanate from the drain. Brine solution, which is basically strong salt water, can eliminate both these issues. It is simple and effective. This is a preventive measure, which ensures that no clogs appear in the drain.

Drain cleaner solution

Plungers cannot reach too far into a drain line. In such cases a drain cleaner solution can prove useful. It can be bought from the local supermarket. However, before using it make sure you read the instructions printed on the bottle or pack. Certain drain cleaners have chemicals that can destroy plastic drain lines – like the ones in the kitchen. Also, drain cleaner solution shouldn’t be used too often, as over time the chemicals in it can damage the plumbing system.

Vinegar and baking soda

Both these products are readily available at home and do not have the harmful effects of drain cleaning solutions. Pour half a cup of baking soda, then half a cup of vinegar and finally some boiling water to get rid of clogs and foul odor from the drain lines.

Mechanical snake

A mechanical snake can be inserted into the drain line and can be used to manually remove any clogs that the above solutions couldn’t get rid of.

If none of these solutions work, then the problem may be serious and you may need to contact a professional plumbing service in North Aurora.