The Five Most Common Problems That Cause Air Conditioning Systems to Malfunction

There are hundreds of possibilities that lead to your air conditioning system requiring a repair or replacement. Understanding what the issues are with your air conditioning system allows you to make more informed decisions when talking with a licensed AC technician – whether you require an AC tune up, repair, or replacement.

The five most common problems that cause air conditioning systems to malfunction in the West Chicago suburban area include:

•Frozen Coils
A frozen coil frequently examples an issue with the airflow of your air conditioning system. Frozen coils can be caused by dirty air filters or blocked ductwork. Frozen coils can also stem from low refrigerant levels.

•Outside Unit Not Functioning
This problem frequently comes from a power issue, a faulty thermostat or possibly a problem with the contactor.

•Outside Fan is Not Working
If the fan on the outside AC unit isn’t running/not running properly, a proper heat/energy transfer isn’t taking place and the AC compressor can overheat and affect the safety workload. Additionally, a malfunctioning fan can lead to internal damage to the compressor.

•Low Refrigerant Levels
The refrigerant is what cools the air. Having a low refrigerant level is frequently connected to a leak or a problem with the refrigerant system. When this issue arises all leaks and problems need to be found and fixed.

•Faulty Wiring
Improper/faulty air conditioning wiring is a dangerous and a potential fire hazard. Poor wiring frequently prevent the air conditioning system from getting power.

Many of these common air conditioning problems can be mitigated by tuning up your air conditioning system on an annual basis. The best time to get an air conditioning tune up in Aurora and the entire West Chicago suburbs is during the spring before the hot summer months come around.

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