Why Your Furnace NEEDS to Be Serviced This Fall

Do you know what’s a common trend among homeowners that needs to end ASAP?

Not having your furnace inspected annually.

Many homeowners forgo this service because they feel their furnace won’t break down because it’s relatively new or it was serviced a year or so ago. Let us tell you why this is no way to think…

furnace service in the fall

Why a Furnace Service is So Important

Keeping Your Family Safe

Having your furnace break down in the middle of winter is the last thing you want to happen — especially if the temperatures are below freezing. This can put you and your family at serious risk if the furnace isn’t fixed or replaced within a few hours (let alone a few days).

Sure, getting sick might not sound like a terrible result of being without your furnace, but this is a big deal if you live with any elderly loved ones, newborns, or those with certain medical conditions. A lack of heat can easily harm those who are fragile with weak immune systems.

Keeping Your Home Safe

Not only will your loved ones be at risk from the cold, but your home will be as well. A lack of heat will cause water within plumbing pipes to freeze, which can result in a burst pipe. Dealing with a burst pipe can be one of the worst and most expensive situations you can deal with as a homeowner.

First, you have to have the burst pipe repaired. Second, you have to deal with the water that gushes out as well. This amount of water damage can ruin personal belongings, carpeting, wood, and anything else in its way. And third, if this water isn’t removed and dried quickly and correctly, you’ll wind up having to deal with an even bigger mold problem...

How a Furnace Service Can Protect You

The easiest way to prevent your furnace from breaking down and putting your family and home at risk is to have it serviced annually in the fall. Your local HVAC technician will service the furnace, give it a cleaning, and repair or replace any malfunctioning parts.

This service will prevent you from ever having to deal with unexpected breakdowns or outrageously high energy (or gas) bills. So if you want to avoid the hassle of dealing with a broken furnace this winter — have yours serviced as early in the fall as you can!

At Prestige Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we want the best for you and your home, and a furnace service is just that!