How To Heat Your Home In An Emergency

Stay Warm When The Power Goes Out

Most of us don’t typically associate power outages with winter months, but with high winds and heavy snow things can certainly go dark. While it may simply be a bit uncomfortable when we lose electricity during the summer, things can get downright dangerous if the same happens when temperatures are at or below freezing. With that said, see below to find out how you can keep your home warm during an emergency this winter:

Pile On The Layers

This may sound like common sense, but don’t forget about all of the clothing you have in the house. We suggest throwing on a few extra heavy layers, whether it’s a thick sweater or heavy sweatshirt. You should also make use of insulated winter coats, a wool hat, gloves and a scarf if need be and you may want to grab those slippers or even insulated boots to keep those toes warm.

Designate A Heated Room

During an emergency, you may not have the ability nor the capacity to heat multiple rooms of the house, so pick one area and focus your attention there. Fill the room with blankets and jackets and you may even want to bring mattresses in there to sleep.

Use The Fireplace

If you have a wood-burning fireplace or stove, this is a great time to use it. You can even use a wood-burning stove for cooking purposes while the stove and the oven are out of commission. Just be sure to keep an eye on the flames and keep all flammable items at least three feet away.

Make A Candle Heater

This is not the best or the safest solution when it comes to providing heat, but you can create some warmth by setting some clay pots upside down propped up off the surface with a few nonflammable items. Light a few tea candles underneath and as the pots heat up, they will release some warmth into the air. Just keep in mind that this method is a fire hazard so keep it out of the reach of children and pets.

Keep Windows & Doors Closed

Now that you have some warmth in the house, or at least don’t want to let any more cold air in, make sure you keep windows and exterior doors closed. After all, even if they’re opened for just a few seconds, any warm air you have created could quickly escape.

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