What Do You Get When You Sign Up For The Prestige Club Advantage Plan?

Remembering to call for an appointment. Actually making the phone call to schedule an appointment. Trying to work with the company to agree on a date that suits both parties. Getting a technician to arrive on time. Performing the work…. Sounds like quite the hassle, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, that’s all part of the mandatory maintenance part of being a homeowner and keeping up with your plumbing and hvac systems. Luckily, it doesn’t need to be all that stressful and becoming a member of our Prestige Club and signing up for an Advantage Plan can alleviate most of those stressors.

How To Keep Plumbing & HVAC Systems In Tip-Top Shape

Regular preventative maintenance is vital whether your home’s HVAC and plumbing systems are brand new or have seen years of use. It’s the only way to ensure they keep working at peak performance for the majority of their lifespan.

So, what’s the best way to make that happen? Annual inspections can ensure that your home’s systems enjoy the maximum performance and longevity of which they are capable. Can you do it on your own? Sure, there are plenty of maintenance tasks the average homeowner can complete without calling for backup, but bringing in experts to examine these critical parts of your home also ensures that any problems that are forming are addressed decisively, helping you to avoid costly repairs.

By joining The Prestige Club, you can keep your home comfort and plumbing systems in excellent condition all year round.

The Advantage Plans We Offer

  • A comprehensive inspection: of all fixtures, faucets, drains, and other equipment for the plumbing plan, and Furnace/AC System Check & Safety Inspection.

  • Extended product life: preventative maintenance is a crucial aspect of keeping your systems working for as long as possible.

  • Peace of mind: well-cared-for plumbing or HVAC system is much less likely to have surprise system breakdowns – and, if you do experience an emergency, you can be certain that one of our skilled technicians will be there for you no matter when you need us!

  • Exclusive 15% discount: active members of our Advantage Plans will receive 15% off the price of repair parts and labor.

  • Priority dispatching: our Prestige Club members can be certain that they get top billing when we dispatch our technicians.

  • Extended warranty: members will receive a 2-year warranty on repairs, rather than the 90-day warranty non-members receive.

Don’t delay in taking advantage of these offers and becoming a part of The Prestige Club today! Call us at (630) 557-1517 to learn more about how to sign up and start enjoying the benefits immediately.