What Options Do I Have For A Kitchen Sink?

From washing dishes to rinsing fruits and veggies and even pouring yourself a cold glass of water, kitchen sinks are quite versatile. In many cases, the sink is the centerpiece of the room, and even if it’s not located in the center, it still acts as a focal point in most kitchens. With that said, there are a vast number of sink styles, and for that reason, you may want to do some research before making an impulsive purchase. Continue reading below as we’ll walk you through some of the most popular kitchen sink styles and list out some of the pros and cons of each.

Single Bowl

These types of sinks have just one basin, as the name implies. They’re perfect in situations where space isn’t in your favor and they can typically hold more than their double bowl counterparts. Single bowl sinks are functional and can be elegant even though they have a rather simple design. Best of all, they’re easier to clean since there’s nothing obstructing your path.

Double Bowl

Lots of homeowners feel that having more than one basin is beneficial. These sinks come in a variety of different configurations — you can get both basins the same size, or have one basin larger than the other if that’s what you prefer. Just be sure to take some time to think about what you typically use the sink most for, because that will play a role in the best setup for your kitchen.

Farmhouse (Apron Front)

This style of sink is becoming more and more popular. The feature that sets a farmhouse sink apart from a standard single bowl sink, is the exposed front-facing rectangle of the sink that takes the place of a continuous countertop. Farmhouse sinks give off a charming, country-style design and look great in most applications.

Keep in mind that these types of sinks are typically more expensive than standard single or double bowl sinks and they do require a bit more when it comes to the installation process.

Top Mount

If you’ve ever noticed a sink where the edges are situated on top of the countertop, you were looking at a top mount sink. They’re also known as “drop-in” sinks due to the nature of the installation. They’re typically more inexpensive than other models and the installation process is quite simple. With that said, they don’t give off that sleek, modern look so keep that in mind if that’s what you’re going for.


As the name implies, these sinks are mounted underneath the countertop. This eliminates the bulkiness of having the lips of the sink rest atop the countertop and offers a streamlined, modern look. Cleaning is a breeze with this type of sink as debris can wiped right off the countertop and into the sink.

There are some drawbacks to undermount sinks including difficulty of installation as well as the need for some sort of internal support system for heavier sinks.

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