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Repiping Services in Aurora

Give Your Home’s Plumbing System the Update it Needs

Are your plumbing pipes starting to show signs of wear? We can repipe your entire pipe system, or repair certain sections in your home or office the same day.

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cartoon diagram of a home's plumbing system If you have old piping in your home, you may discover that your water pipes are leaking or you have low water pressure. Perhaps you noticed corrosion on your pipes or a slight discoloration of your water. These are all signs that you may need the experienced professionals from Prestige Plumbing Heating Cooling to repipe your home.

Most homes or buildings that were constructed in the 1970s typically have galvanized piping. Over time, the plumbing system can wear out and the pipes can begin to corrode. This can cause low water pressure and affect the hot water within the plumbing system. Galvanized piping consists of iron pipes that have been coded with zinc to provide weather protection. As the outer coating of zinc begins to erode, the pipe is exposed to water and moisture, causing the iron to eventually rust.

The rust inside the pipe can break off and be carried out through the taps. This will cause your water to look rusty or brown, and the water may have a bad or foul smell to it. When the piping in your home begins to show any of these signs of corrosion, you will inevitably need to repipe the entire plumbing system.

Types of Pipes

There are two types of piping that are typically used for this process. Copper piping is the most popular, providing resistance to corrosion as well as leak-proof joints. Copper piping is also very cost-effective, and bacteria cannot easily grow inside it, making this piping a safe choice for your drinking water.

Repiping your home will also help to increase your water volume and pressure. Most homeowners are amazed that they can wash the dishes and laundry at the same time because of their improved water pressure. Copper piping also gives your home added value.

The use of Pex piping is also a popular choice. Pex piping is made from a plastic material that is lightweight and flexible. This piping can be very affordable and will not corrode. It can also provide the benefits of clean drinking water and increased water pressure.

Professional Repiping Services in Aurora

Prestige Plumbing Heating Cooling will be able to repipe your home and give you peace of mind knowing that everything will be done correctly and that your water system will be back in working order. Replacing your old galvanized pipes with new piping will provide your home with a lifetime of benefits that include better water pressure and no more corrosion.

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