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Aurora Sump Pump Repair & Replacement

Protect Your Property from Water Damage

sump pumpThere is hardly anything more frustrating than sprucing up your basement with carpeting, decor, and electronics, only to see it virtually destroyed by flooding. To prevent a disaster such as this, a high-quality sump pump should be your first line of defense against basement flooding that can lead to extensive damage to your belongings, toxic mold, and a soggy unstable foundation. The highly qualified and experienced Aurora sump pump technicians at Prestige Plumbing, Heating & Cooling know exactly how to detect sump pump problems or failure in order to determine the next step: repair or replacement of your existing sump pump system.

How It Functions

A sump pump is a device that sits in the pit of your basement to collect excess water underground. The pit gathers excess water from your home’s drainage system and then expels the water through a discharge pipe, away from your home. A high-quality sump pump will keep your basement as well as the ground underneath it from flooding during a heavy rainstorm.

You should call in our team to help with your sump pump if:

  • Your basement has recently been flooded, or you want to protect your basement from being flooded in the future.
  • Your home was built on a flat or low-lying spot with soil that constantly absorbs water.
  • You live in an area with heavy rainfall or snow.
  • Your existing pump is over 7 years old.
  • Your existing pump constantly gets stuck or does not shut off automatically.
  • You have excess water underneath your home caused by a sloping foundation, poor run-off, or a back-flow of water coming from your gutters.
  • You hear strange vibrating noises emitting from your pump.
  • Your pump stops working due to mud blockage, a stuck or broken float switch, damaged drive shafts and impellers, or device burn-out.

Why Prestige Plumbing Heating Cooling is the Best Choice

Prestige Plumbing Heating Cooling is a friendly, family-owned business, offering outstanding client-based service for well over 20 years. We proudly serve the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Our professional HVAC technicians are EPA and NATE-certified. We are also rated A+ by the BBB and are actively voted “Talk of the Town” throughout western Chicago. We service all kinds of structures, including old and new homes, townhouses, duplexes, condos, apartments, and small commercial businesses. Our services are conveniently provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Not sure if your sump pump will function when you need it? Give our Aurora plumbers a call today at (630) 557-1517.

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